Horror Sounds in Stereo

by Rubber Band Gun

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released December 27, 2014

All songs written, recorded, and produced by Kevin Basko over the course of the year 2014
Horn arrangements, backing voc., co-production by Calvin Barthel
All instruments except horns played by Kevin Basko
Recorded onto tape on a Tascam 488

Tracks 2, 4, 5, 12, 14, 15, 18, 20, 21 recorded at the Warwick Rec Center in NY
Tracks 6, 7, 8, 13, 16, 17 recorded in a basement apt in Boston
Tracks 3, 9, 10 recorded at the Basko family house in NJ
Tracks 1, 19 recorded at 24 Chester
Track 11 recorded at the jazz home of Calvin and Josh

Album Artwork and backing voc. by Olivia Lurrie (babies' babies)

Thank you to...

-Josh Shpak for lending us equipment in some tight fixes
-Grandma Barthel for letting us stay at her lovely home during our stay in Warwick
- Ryan Nash, Nick Palladino, Garrett Hoover for being part of the jury
- Jon Becker for playing guitar on 1 song before the tape ate the track
- Robbie Wulfsohn, Ian Priven, Erik Jalajas, Sam Millinazzo, Wendy Lurrie, Nick Calise for their support
- The Warwick center for letting us use their Chapel to record
- Jonathan Rado for his infinite wisdom
- Last but most importantly Glenn and Patty Basko for all of their love and support over the years



all rights reserved


Rubber Band Gun New York, New York

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Track Name: The Creation of Master Computer
Six numbers
Six nights
He's born brilliant every time
But he knows how it is
Yeah he knows how it is
Fried sisters
Fried nouns
Plant babies taking over their mouths
But he knows how it is
Yeah he knows how it is
Doctors taking his time but he knows that you'll never survive if you grow
He says that you'll never survive but it's really a lie

When the doctors not there you can be who you want to be, Master Computer
You can stay if you never try

Live off your name day, tardy to school
Drinking your OJ, fixing a fool
Taping the words out for you
When the doctors not there you can be what you want to be

The highway's going up over the ocean now
The strip mall shops and keepers live off their own
Will they follow the man or will they follow the god?

Wanderer, wandering eye (I'll follow you)
You take pictures too
But you never liked all that
You never took the credit for what they never told you the truth

Living your words out on the road
Everyone else is in company
Everyone else is slipping down and I'm holding out
For the righteous one to come along and save us from the Horrors
Of disaster, weapons and thugs, all kinds of radioactive stuff, and thirty thousand tons of guns and atom bombs and tela-coms
We won't stay
Knocking at your door

He's built you up
He's made you whole
The Doctor is the one who said
"You'll be the best, yeah you'll knock em dead
If you read and eat your vegetables and leave all your clothes in the bin.
Yeah you'll knock em dead."
Track Name: Ashkibosh Take III
Why won't you love me like you used to
love me like you would if I lived in LA
Like you would if my name was Richard
Why won't you show me your new apartment show me where you sleep
And maybe I'll stay there a while at your feet with your slippers

Bread winner your basket broke walking from your time machine far in the park
I Seen you out there in the dark
They left you out there in the dark without a even a match

Oh baby my brother my sister too

Why won't you love me like you used to
Love me like you could in dimensional planes like we should yeah we should
Why won't you buy me a leather jacket , stitch in BLJ and a big orange patch with the date that we came

Oh champagne in your cereal you eat with a fork and knife teeth gun cutting up your animals

Follow the hearse
A Broken 45 is on the platter first

Poor uranium man speaking on behalf of William Jeffery Jr. to the Prestigious judge of...

When those distant men landed we baked them an apple pie and they said they loved it
But baby girl, she couldn't stand it
No she wouldn't say a word

Oh champagne in your cereal you eat with a fork and knife teeth gun
cutting up your animals
The Wolfgang Boys gonna take a little piece of the world tonight
Living in apocalypse america
France on fire in the Polaroid drinking your coca cola
You'll survive on a bottle or two

I know you
You showed me "Thats The Way"
now put your records down
and maybe i'll sing along
Show you the song of my people
The ones who still want to meet you when you come back home
When you coming back home
Track Name: Bill Lasey Johns (of Marble-Earth)
Slide on the mountain
Slide to the river
Bill's gonna set you free

How have you been so far from the answer
How can you be so far from the end

Run from the future
Run to the river
Bills gonna help you out yeah
gonna help you out
Bill's gonna help you out

Bill see's thoughts in the back of your head
That vestibule of a hat you wear
He's gonna take you down to where the hell hounds sleep and show you the boots underneath his feet
before he puts his frames on tight

Bill Lasey Johns
Run to the Red when the sea turns white
But when the car pulls up and there's nowhere to go and the flashbacks
start and they're drinking your soul away
before he pulls his frames down tight
Track Name: Nautical Jury
I wait on the subway (He waits on the subway)
And I try to keep it together, oh yes I try
But you take me apart

Five snakes on a sunday (He waits on the subway)
While the world is talking it over
I'll hold my child and walk a little further
yeah i walk to the wall

I wait on the subway while the jury takes all my money away
You say you try (you can cry little baby but you don't know why)
I see pieces of you in the whites of their eyes

Joe killer, you don't matter, no attention for you
We won't talk about your hair or your X-Ray Vision
Quit bitchin' you lalala oooo

Life is the fast lane
and Nautical Girls swim to the ballet
When everything turns around, everything turns around
We start again

Joe killer, you don't matter, no attention for you
We won't talk about your hair or your X-Ray Vision
Quit bitchin' you lalala oooo
Track Name: The Stray Pt. 1
"While the clouds wait in ash, the Stray sits. None shall leave till the last drop falls to the fire."
Track Name: Burning of the Effigy
My girl wants to be magic, wants to be soft
When you hold it in
You can almost tell
Almost tell why

I don't understand why, why, why
You talk too much with your hands
I don't understand with your hands
I see you, baby

How you gonna sleep at night, you gonna sleep at night my baby?
You gonna sleep at, how you gonna sleep at all?
Oh when the flies fly, and the monsters arrive you better get back home
You gonna sleep at, how you gonna sleep at night my baby?
You gonna sleep at, how you gonna sleep at all?
The canary is stoned and I tried all my best but I can't seem to find you a home
And the world can be mad but there is no use in bringing me down
Track Name: Sword for Bill (Letter from Babbit)
"I have found my sword, goodnight"


"Why leave with a question
why decide things are out of your control
All is up to you in your mind, you can save them all
You can save them all

All too soon you will have to go
And find your sword out in the world
And save all these people

You're what I rely on
You're what I rely on
Put those x-ray things on too
And I'm, gonna fck my love into you
when I see you

Why leave with a question
why decide things are out of your control
All is up to you in your mind, you can save them all
You can save them all"


You know, you know, you're never gonna see my face
Your lincoln log cabin, you know you won't have it, you know you wont live it again

But you're never gonna see my heart
Never gonna see my legs
Only gonna see my body when I'm walking away from you
Walking away from you

You know, you know
I never want to see you dancing
When you move you never move at all
You're just a tall glass of water thats a ready to a tip, and fall
You never really tried at all
Oooo you never really try

But you're never gonna see my heart
Never gonna see my feet
Never gonna see my hands
Track Name: The Menacing Walk of Dr. Sillus
Are you boiling water?
Are you making eggs?
In the eyes of the future?
In the eyes Of?

When the Doctor comes home and sees you on the table
He'll operate, he'll operate
He'll instruct you to sedate yourself and wear yourself so thin
That he'll talk your ears to sleep again
And I'll remember you whenever I come home
Ooo will you remember me?
Will you remember how I walk?
Remember how I sound when I'm being greedy
Ooo you remember all the wrong things about me baby
Track Name: Could They Really See All The Same Colors I See?
Maybe it's alright
Maybe it's alright to compare the chemicals inside
A drop of something so shiny you can see your face in it
See no race in it
Go your own pace with it

All along they wanted you to stay
But you realized the Grey could be tamed and set free today
But all they wanted was for you to stay and play
All you could think of was how could the science be right?
Is the future living a lie?
Where the time is never in site

Could they really see all I
Track Name: I Know What My Mind Is Capable Of
I know what my mind is capable of, capable of
I know what my mind is capable of.
Track Name: I Found U, My Love
In the hole where you took my heart and in our time apart
I could only see your face
And I found your glasses in case
It was underneath my couch by my salt shakers
Baby can't you tell, listen here

I know that we are ready
I know they think it's heavy
but I've traveled through time and space to keep you from the future

When, oh yes when
We get to where we're going
We'll get it on the first try
You and I

Before I left our home, I saw the great unknown
He mapped a future trail and how to pay your bail
And I cracked my piggy bank I saved my coins and dollars
you know i did
Built a time machine for your love

Stormed the castles up above, baby yeah
You're just my sword and armor
I say you bless my soul

I found you in the night off the season's flight

Dungeon Queen favors the future
Says "You're getting clean"
Stops you on weekends when your friends are out
But I'll save you now that you're dripping paint
strokes on the carpet
Let the people stain
We'll live together and WE'LL MAKE MISTAKES BUT THAT'S OK

When we get where we're going on the first try
Track Name: Parker Posey
Posters on the ceiling
Such a lovely girl
We're leaving her the radio

Move the morning mile
Parker takes her smile out from under the floors

Already spoken for
Already Parker girl
Track Name: Let's Get Metaphysical!!
Love for loving lovers, smoking cigarettes in their boats
Burning holes into the post cards from their twentieth-century homes
I wish that you could see them sitting around listening to the Eagles
on the porch with their beagles

So you're the spiral child with the glasses around your neck
You can see the dimensional and galaxies that haven't formed yet
There's a fly atop my window
He's looking inside all of your clothing

Let's get physical
It's getting physical
You're getting physical now
Let's get physical
You're metaphysical
You're getting physical now
Track Name: Rescuing the Children // Chancellor Man
Wednesday afternoon searching for your blues
Mountain Chair's karma kid, looking out for you
What is free when the courts are all kangaroo
Problem Child she's on the move

Psychedelic transvasation in the mango sun
You won't even say you're sorry
you just load your water gun

While the zombie girls sleep we dig up their minds
Groovy lobotomy rewind
Dance while the skeletons keep time
say you're never gonna get my kids baby

"Billy boy, you took it upon yourself to save your baby girls
and the universe with nothing more than some x-ray glasses,
hypnotic psycho plastic around your neck
But you're a damn fool (you're a damn fool)
if you think you can just walk up on my front porch
and take what it's in my possession in a polka dotted dress
and now you're mine

Taken to the feet of the Chancellor Man
I'm the Chancellor Man, take a chance my man
Walking the bridge in New Alaska to the Stray

Taken to the feet of the Chancellor Man
I'm the Chancellor Man, take a chance my man
Hoping that all these good intentions will save your home dimension
but you've failed
I said don't mind my brother, deny my brother
Don't mind my brother, deny my brother
Don't mind him at all
I still don't know"
Track Name: The Great Red
Red from the morning
Houses were filming a silent
Yet all of the paint made a sound on the drum
The pioneer had worshipped all the powder gods whose kings themselves had let the war be won

Red rags of typists
Varnish of nightshifts

Red from the morning
Track Name: The Great Blue
Terrified toe tags
Bonnie's got white bags
Taking off blue flags
Track Name: City Inside A Cake
Time won't let me down
You'll see now, brother, I'll be walking around
Yes I'll be free
The silence fits the frame when the world forgets your name

Chopsticks in your hair
You ain't no lady but some don't seem to care, I won't try
The silence fits the frame when the world forgets your name
Track Name: X-Ray Vision Glasses // Joseph the Brave
Long haired Babbit, kissing goodbye
Shaking hands and glasses, fucking the world away

Show, show me you care
show you me you care for worlds we grow in our garden
See, see through the frames stare through the door
See through the bone see to the brain
Take out the reason

Breaking out the back


Would you mind what you know

I saw the brave Joseph walking our way
Hammer in hand he could build his own day
We tried to hide in our coats but he knows, yes he knows

LCD lights flash in my brain
Ships in the night crash with the trains

I got my papers, I can do what I please

LCD lights flash in my brain
Ships in the night crash with the trains
Track Name: Master Computer vs. the Unstoppable Chromatized Plesiosaurus
Take off your overcoat
Will it stop or will we go
It's not the time for this
It's not the time for your every wish
Is their time to say Hi?
Shoved on the bleachers, banging my mind
Time is on fire, can barely feel it coming on
Track Name: The Stray Pt. 2
While the seas have disappeared
and Face Star has his sunglasses on,
The war is up, an offering of love
You're solid as a rock

There's a mushroom cloud through the silent bar
And the policeman found her name
And the newspaper printed color for the first time in ages
all we had to do was lie
Track Name: Oklahoma Beach Party (for Wayne Coyne)
Wake up while you're lying there
Wake up while you're now so self aware
You would never talk about the things we've done
We'd talk and read the obituaries
And listen to the sound of girls listening to the sound of girls

A mind is just fine and it's mine
This time yeah this time we're alright
A big purple shoe is out there searching for you mama
It's gonna be the perfect size for you
Maybe she's a size 9
Size 9

I'll tie your shoes
I'll break your pills for you
I'll pay your bills for you

Your aeroplane is on the strip
You're seeing planets in your trip
Your kindred spirit starts to drip

No more, I won't see you no more

Wake up while you're lying there

I said offer your crown to me baby
I said up and just wow for me baby
I said just growl for me baby
I said offer your crown to me baby

I get off on my crown to you baby
I get off on my crown